Definitions for "DCL"
The istillers ompany td. Originaly formed out of a trade arrangement made between six Lowland Grain distillers in 1857.
The Desktop Connection Library is a multiplatform long-term project aimed at replacing Apple's Libraries and Applications to connect to and transfer data with Newtons. Recent development focused on POSIX but it was compiled for MacOS 9 and Windows.
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Abbreviation for Data Control Language. DCL is used to control access to the database.
Data Control Language. The category of SQL statements that control access to the data and to the database. Examples are the GRANT and REVOKE statements.
See Digital Command Language.
Dear Colleague Letter, published by the U.S. Department of Education to interpret laws and regulations. DCLs are assigned file, or reference, numbers such as 93-G-248. The "93" refers to the year in which the letter was released. The "G" indicates general provisions. The "248" means this DCL was the 248th letter released in 1993.
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Dedicated Commuter Lanes
See Distributed Collaborative Learning
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Diabetes Care Link