Definitions for "demographics"
Socioeconomic groups, characterized by age, income, sex, education, occupation, etc., that comprise a market niche.
common characteristics used for population or audience segmentation, such as age, gender, household income, etc.
Population statistics, such as the age, educational attainment, household income, martial status, labour force status, and sex/gender.
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A management tool useful for paring down "the uttermost part of the earth" to attainable units.
Information on your website visitors, useful for analyzing your traffic and the effectiveness of your site. Examples include most popular web pages; time spent on each page; referring URL (ie. how did they find your site?); number of page views and unique visitors, etc.
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The types of people looking at a given advertising medium. (For example: 25-30 year old males making $50,000-$100,000 per year, with blond hair and green eyes.)
SEE: Data Demographics and Query Demographics
Internal software module used to record and store employee and student demographic data (e.g., name, local/permanent address).
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Address information of the patient.