Definitions for "Dev"
The /dev directory contains device special files that are used to access hardware devices and pseudo-device drivers.
The /dev/envram device driver is a character device driver that provides read and write services to the /dev/presto device driver.
The /dev/presto device driver is a disk driver that uses nonvolatile memory as a cache. It works as a layer between other drivers and the rest of the Digital UNIX kernel.
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A god; a deity; a divine being; an idol; a king.
(“she who is shining”) — a female deity such as Pârvatî, Lakshmî, or Râdhâ, either in the sense of the ultimate Reality (in its feminine pole) or a high angelic being
Dev (Hindi: देव, Urdu: دیو) is a 2004 Bollywood movie, directed by Govind Nihalani.
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chnik party for girls given by a bride on the eve of her wedding; some period of time (a day, a week) before the wedding
A Chemical bath which converts exposed silver halides to black metallic silver, so making the latent image on exposed films or photographic papers visible. (see Latent image)
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A soul in heaven, or at a high spiritual level.
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devisee; a person to whom lands or other real property are given in a will
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Short for developer.
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Contains special files for I/O devices.