Definitions for "Development Plan"
a specific plan outlining harvesting, road construction, protection, and silviculture activities over the short-term (often 5 years) in accordance with the approved forest management plan.
Consists of the Regional Spatial Strategy and Development Plan Documents. The starting point for the determination of planning applications.
A set of documents (text and maps) which contain the regional planning body and local planning authority policies and proposals for development, including minerals (Regional Spatial Strategies and Development Plan Documents). Unitary development plans, structure plans and local plans are now superseded.
a source of information for laymen and developers as well as elected and appointed officials
a positive approach to programming the area's future
a statement made by the City Council and the County Commissioners on behalf of the people of the area
a definition of each part of an application, and a breakdown of how it is achieved
a flexible document designed to help your organisation set and achieve goals and progress successfully into the future
the setting down in detail of an individual's firm intentions towards acquiring specific knowledge, skills and understanding.
Description of how the project activities will proceed to create the output(s).
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a statement of process