Definitions for "Diagnostic tests"
Tests, such as an X-ray, that help the health care professional understand your condition and how well your treatment is working. Diagnostic tests for acid reflux disease include barium swallow X ray, endoscopy, ambulatory pH monitoring, and manometry.
Tests and procedures ordered by a physician to determine if the patient has a certain condition or disease based upon specific signs or symptoms demonstrated by the patient. Such diagnostic tools include radiology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, laboratory, pathology services or tests.
Medical tests, such as examination of blood or visual exam, to assist medical personnel in determining the cause of illness, injury or disease.
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include MRI, X-ray, CT scan, bone scan, discogram, myelogram.
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This is really a code phrase for "We have these cool new machines and we want to use them" Also means "We don't have a clue what your problem is, but we'd like to find out."
methods used to identify a disease.
Look for alterations in the DNA sequence of a gene. Some alterations may indicate an increased risk of developing a specific disease or disorder.