Definitions for "Direct action"
a protest action by labor or minority groups to obtain their demands
a public, non-violent exercise of power to draw attention to injustice
a straight forward, face-to-face exercise of power to confront a decision-maker over an issue of injustice in a large, public setting
An attack or riposte in which there is no change of line. For example, a direct riposte occurs when the defender successfully parries an attack and then executes an immediate and continous attack.
A method/theory for ending objectionable practices improving conditions using immediately available means.
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Type of handpump which has non-levered Tee-handles directly connected to the pump rod.
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A sub-contractor with no right to direct payment may, after formally notifying the contractor, request direct settlement by the public authority of payments due in respect of the goods or services he has provided; The public authority then pays the sub-contractor directly, unless the contract holder raises objections. In this case, the public authority must await a legal ruling before proceeding with payment of the disputed sums.
In English law a third party does not as a rule have a right of direct action against a liability insurer, but in some legal systems he has. But see Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 1930.
Ionization or excitation of atoms within DNA leading to free radicals, as distinct from the reaction with DNA of free radicals formed in nearby water molecules.
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1. A controller in which the value of the output signal increases as the value of the input (measured variable or controlled variable) increases. 2. An actuator that extends the actuator stem when the power supply increases.