Definitions for "Boycott"
To combine against (a landlord, tradesman, employer, or other person), to withhold social or business relations from him, and to deter others from holding such relations; to subject to a boycott.
The process, fact, or pressure of boycotting; a combining to withhold or prevent dealing or social intercourse with a tradesman, employer, etc.; social and business interdiction for the purpose of coercion.
the collective and organized withholding of patronage, labor, or social involvement to protest practices that are regarded as unfair. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. effectively used boycotts of stores, restaurants, and city services that discriminated against African Americans.
Baykot (Eng: Boycott) is a 1985 film by Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, set in pre-revolutionary Iran. The movie tells the story of a young man named Valeh (Majid Majidi) who is sentenced to death for his communist tendencies. It is widely believed that the movie is based on Makhmalbaf’s own experiences.
a common way to harness popular energy before it dissipates, a way to broaden mass participation in the peace movement
a good way of isolating repressive regimes and shaming them into changing their ways
a great idea from a moral perspective, however I strongly doubt that it can gain the necessary traction to cause the industry to change its ways
a legitimate and valuable educational tool to increase awareness of various social problems and to create incentives to solve them
an attempt to rid the market of the inferiority represented by a particular firm
a political slap on the wrist for the voters of a country, district, county, city, whatever sort of municipality as a message that this is your punishment for your decision to put this person in office
a form of greedy selfishness that is the complete opposite of the kind of charitable giving this time of year is known for
a consumer choice
a personnal choice and by all means, if you are offended by the game simply don't by it
Absolute restriction against the purchase and importation of certain goods from other countries.
a tokenistic gesture which does more harm than good
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organized effort by consumers to stop purchasing targeted products and/or to stop supporting targeted companies, with the intent to pressure the company to alter some business practice.
When people stop buying products from a company that is doing something they don’t like, in hopes that the company will change what it is doing. Boycotts only work when many people join together to do them.
a type of direct action where you simply stop buying anything produced by a particular company
a group ostracism, often of a commercial establishment, named for Charles C
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a first step toward this goal
a very serious step in an activist campaign
a simple approach to a complex problem -- a thumb on the scales of justice
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v. To place the products or merchandise of under a ban.
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a time honored tradition