Definitions for "Discus "
Discus aims to make df prettier, with features such as color and smart formatting of numbers and bar graphs.
These cichlids come from South America. They are somewhat delicate, large round flat fish, often with blue or red marbled coloring.
a very different fish with other,because its has colorful body
A disk. See Disk.
originally made of stone, later discuses were made of bronze, iron, or lead in ancient Greek times; the ancient discus looked a lot like the ones used today; it weighed between 1.3 and 6.6 kilograms and was anywhere from 17 to 32 centimeters in diameter; boys threw a different, smaller discus than the men. The Ancient Olympics
an athletic competition in which a disc-shaped object is thrown as far as possible
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A quoit; a circular plate of some heavy material intended to be pitched or hurled as a trial of strength and skill.
a flat circular plate made of light metals or wood
Discus is a progressive rock band from Indonesia which was formed in 1996. As of 2005 they have released 2 albums.
an enlarged area bearing numerous tiny flowers, ie the flower head of a composite plant like a daisy.
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Latin = disc.
is the abbreviation for Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, which is the trade association of distilled spirits producers.
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The exercise with the discus.
DISCUS is an acronym for Distributed Source Coding Using Syndromes.