Definitions for "disintermediation"
The removal of an intermediary, or middleman, from a transaction or communication....
Withdrawal of funds from a financial institution in order to invest them directly.
The removal of intermediaries from a process, supply chain or market. The commonest financial example is the issue of bonds to replace bank borrowing.... more on: Disintermediation
by using the Internet as a delivery vehicle, intermediate players in a distribution channel can be bypassed
Disintermediation is a term used to describe the functioning of many internet based businesses that use the world wide web to deal with their customers directly.This process helps the companies to sell and buy their products much cheaper and faster.
When a Net market bypasses a traditional channel, more directly linking buyers with suppliers.
The process of eliminating an intermediate stage or echelon in a supply chain. Total supply chain operating expense is reduced, total supply chain inventory is reduced, total cycle time is reduced, and profits increase among the remaining echelons. See: echelon.
The process of eliminating the middle-man. Such as an insured going to the capital markets for insurance-like products without the use of a re/insurer
It means: "getting rid of the middle-men" but sounds more impressive.
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Disposable income Distress sale
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A period when long-term interest rates are lower than short-term interest rates.