Definitions for "Disqualification"
That which disqualifies; that which incapacitates or makes unfit; as, conviction of crime is a disqualification of a person for office; sickness is a disqualification for labor.
In the UK, a director found guilty of "unfit" conduct may be disqualified from holding any management position for between 2 and 15 years.
unfitness that bars you from participation
When an official determines that a swimmer has violated YMCA or USA Swimming rules, he/she may disqualify the swimmer. Typically, swimmers are disqualified for an illegal stroke, turn or finish.
Swimmers with improper form or technique will be disqualified by an official.
When an athlete violates a rule, does not show up for a scheduled event, or gains an unfair advantage by impeding or interfering.
Action taken to remove from a team a player deemed ineligible to participate.
One or more defects, deformities, or blemishes which render a rabbit ineligible for competition or registration.
A quality that makes a cat ineligible for show. Disqualifications are often mentioned in the breed standard. For example, a Maine Coon with an incorrect number of toes is disqualified from show.
A procedure whereby a person has a court order made against them or gives an undertaking to the Secretary of State which makes it an offence for that person to be involved in the management or directorship of a company for the period specified in the order (unless leave has been granted by the court).
a procedure pursuant to which, by court order, it is made an offence for a person to be involved in the management or directorship of a company for a fixed period unless leave to do so is obtained from the court
An order that a person is not entitled to hold a drivers' licence.• Drivers' Licence - Removal of Disqualification• Traffic Offences (incl. minor traffic)
The denial of benefits to a claimant who does not meet eligibility requirements.
Non-payment of benefits for an entire week.
State law specifies claimants are disqualified from benefits for a definite or indefinite period. These include voluntarily leaving employment without good cause; discharge for misconduct, felony, or gross misdemeanor; misrepresentation; refusal to work; participating in a labor dispute which results in work stoppage; and full-time attendance at school.
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A player is disqualified after reaching five personal fouls in high school and college and six fouls in the NBA. Both players and coaches can also be kicked out of a game for many offenses such as arguing with a ref or fighting.
A boxer who breaks the rules will eventually be disqualified by the referee. The referee will allow a certain amount of leeway in the fight based on his experience, but if the boxer does not heed warnings, refuses to obey instructions, deliberately and/or repeatedly fouls an opponent, or conducts a gross misconduct, will be disqualified. Certain boxing commissions will fine and/or prevent the boxer from receiving payment pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing. The hearing in itself will determine the punishment the boxer is to receive.
The dismissal from the contest through flagrant or persistent fouling.
Loss of qualified (tax-favored) status by a plan, generally resulting from operation of the plan in a manner that is contrary to the provisions of the plan or that discriminates against rank-and-file employees.
Refers to the disqualification (usually voluntary) of a judge from hearing a case, generally based on any interest that may impair the ability of the judge to decide the case in a fair and impartial manner.
the act of preventing someone from participating by finding them unqualified
The act of disqualifying, or state of being disqualified; want of qualification; incompetency; disability; as, the disqualification of men for holding certain offices.
The condition of having been rendered not qualified to serve.