Definitions for "Dissection"
Anything dissected; especially, some part, or the whole, of an animal or plant dissected so as to exhibit the structure; an anatomical so prepared.
The cutting up and examination of a body
The act of cutting apart or separating body tissues, especially to help study an organism’s anatomy.
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a peeling-away of the inner layer of the aorta, weakening it severely and also carrying a high risk of death from an aortic rupture
a separation or tear in the lining of the artery that allows blood to flow between the inner and outer walls of the vessel but remains contained in the aorta
a sudden tear in the arterial wall, while an aneurysm is a bulge in the aorta that can rupture
Dissection was a well-known Swedish blackened death metal band formed in 1989 by guitarist and vocalist Jon Nödtveidt.
Narcolepsy Transcriptase Nerve Transduction
The erosion of a landscape by various processes that leads to the creation of topographic relief; often refers to fluvial erosion creating a series of gullies, valleys, or canyons
Dissection is usually the process of disassembling and observing something to determine its internal structure and as an aid to discerning the function and relationships of its components. It may refer also to some spontaneous natural process of dissasembly as in aortic dissection.
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Nuclei Trigeminal
Fig.: The act of separating or dividing for the purpose of critical examination.
a minute and critical analysis
detailed part-by-part critical analysis or examination as of a literary work
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The act of dissecting an animal or plant; as, dissection of the human body was held sacrilege till the time of Francis I.
The act or process of dissecting.
Modeling Therapeutics Modification Threshold
Modification Threshold Monitor
a feasible option but further evaluation is necessary
Where goods are allocated to valid accounts. Accounts are chosen by the financial units. When funds checking is turned on, there is immediate feedback on the level of the funds in the chosen account.
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