Definitions for "Dolby Digital"
5.1-channel surround sound that includes left, center and right front channels, left and right rear (surround) channels and a Low Frequency Effects channel for a powered subwoofer. Dolby Digital EX is a newer 6.1 channel version that adds a center rear channel.
Audio coding system developed by Dolby Laboratories, used to encode audio for DVD Video creating mono, stereo and surround sound
Dolby Digital provides 6 discrete channels of audio: left front, center, right front, left rear, right rear and LFE (low frequency effects). Dolby Digital is the universal standard for 5.1 digital sound. DVDs, PlayStation 2, Xbox, digital cable, satellite TV, and HDTV all use Dolby digital. The immense amount of data needed to create these different channels exceeds reasonable data storage economics, To reduce the size of this data Dolby´s 3rd generation coding algorithm (AC-3) uses a psycho acoustic technique called auditory masking to reduce the sounds that wouldn´t be heard anyway because of other louder sounds at similar frequencies.
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The official Dolby name for AC-3 encoding. (see AC-3)
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