Definitions for "Doubler"
A section of balsa or plywood added to the inside of a fuselage to strengthen it.
To add a extra peice of ply or balsa to strengthen a stress area such as a wing saddle. firewall or landing gear attachment , { also called lamanation} Report this Word Added by: dalolyn
a steel plate installed on an existing structural plate and used as a strengthening base for deck fittings or as a repair of a damaged area.
A part of a distilling apparatus for intercepting the heavier fractions and returning them to be redistilled.
The pot still used for the second distillation, where batch distillation is used.
A pot still used for the second distillation off a beer still in order to increase alcoholic strength.
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A blanket or felt placed between the fabric and the printing table or cylinder.
an extra layer or two of absorbent fabric that you can place in the diaper to provide extra absorbency for over night, nap time or long trips
A flat strip of layered fabrics used to increase the absorbency of a diaper. Items labeled as "doublers" are usually slightly less absorbent than an "insert" and are not meant to be used exclusively, such as alone in a pocket diaper, but instead to supplement the diaper's absorbent layers.
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A large male crab carrying a sexually mature female; a pair of mating crabs; buck and rider or carrier. The female crab could most likely be a soft crab
Mating pair of crabs
An instrument for augmenting a very small quantity of electricity, so as to render it manifest by sparks or the electroscope.
A delay effect where the dry signal is mixed with a 20 to 50 millisecond delayed signal. This effectively makes the sound "twice" of what it originally was.
an electronic device that doubles the voltage or the frequency of an input signal
A circuit in transmitting systems that doubles the frequency of the input signal. Also, a circuit in power-supply systems for doubling voltage amplitude.
A machine that pays double winnings if a designated symbol lands in conjunction with other paying symbols.
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One who, or that which, doubles.