Definitions for "Downers"
Animals headed for slaughter who become too sick or injured to walk unassisted. The Downed Animal Protection Act outlaws the practice of transporting downers to auctions and stockyards for slaughter and requires that these animals be humanely euthanized.
Animals that collapse during transportation or at the slaughterhouse, too stressed or sick to continue walking. Because normal animals fetch a higher price at the market, downers are frequently kicked or prodded in attempts to force them to move. Those that do not move may be left on the ground without food or water for days before they die. Downers are routinely processed for human consumption.
Barbiturates, minor tranquilizers, and related depressants.
Any drug used as a depressant-includes Seconal, Phenylbarbitol, and others.
(Drug category) Includes alcohol, calmatives, sleeping drugs and opiates. Marie-Jane - Marijuana: Cannabis herb for smoking or introducing (term used in North America). Subutex: Substitution drug for heroin, delivered by prescription and counterfoil.