Definitions for "Dreadnought"
A British battleship, completed in 1906 -- 1907, having an armament consisting of ten 12-inch guns mounted in turrets, and of twenty-four 12-pound quick-fire guns for protection against torpedo boats. This was the first battleship of the type characterized by a main armament of big guns all of the same caliber. She had a displacement of 17,900 tons at load draft, and a speed of 21 knots per hour.
Any battleship having its main armament entirely of big guns all of one caliber. Since the Dreadnought was built, the caliber of the heaviest guns has increased from 12 in. to 13½ in., 14 in., and 15 in., and the displacement of the largest batteships from 18,000 tons to 30,000 tons and upwards. The term superdreadnought is popularly applied to battleships with such increased displacement and gun caliber.
English word which means to fear nothing. Should be in any good dictionary. The H.M.S. Dreadnought of 1906 was a revolutionary ship, the first modern battleship. She incorporated many firsts: the fastest BB of the time, at 20 knots; the first all big gun battleship (10-12" main battery guns instead of a mix of heavy and medium bore guns); the first BB powered by steam turbine engines. All previous battleships immediately became obsolete after the advent of the Dreadnought. After Dreadnought, all similar battleships (with just one size of main battery gun) were also called, generically, "dreadnoughts." Later the term became "super dreadnought," as main battery size increased to 13.5" guns, or larger. By WW II, main battery guns were typically 14", 15", or 16". The 11" gunned Scharnhorst and the 18" gunned Yamato classes were the exceptions.
Martin's biggest and strongest sounding guitar size. Copied everywhere
a large steel-string acoustic guitar.
The most popular style of acoustic guitar body. Martin Guitars introduced the first Dreadnought in 1931.
a sentient, fighting, walking vehicle that excels in destroying hard targets such as vehicles and buildings
In the Warhammer 40,000 game system and its derivatives, a Dreadnought is a walking vehicle or mecha of intermediate size, commonly encountered in the 28mm scale game systems (Warhammer 40,000, Space Crusade, Space Hulk and similar).
Dreadnoughts are a type of fictional robot found in the Marvel Comics universe. They are frequently employed by villainous organizations, such as HYDRA and the Maggia.
V.D. Prophylactic outfit issued to troops before departing on leave.
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"Dreadnought" is the 33rd episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the 17th episode in the second season.
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a type of heavily armed starship
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Dreadnought is a client/server application to configure the Open Source Linux PBX Asterisk.
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the cloth used for a dreadnought garment, namely a warm garment of thick cloth. A warm garment of thick cloth