Definitions for "SSN"
US Navy designation for a fast-attack submarine.
Nuclear-powered attack submarine.
SSN (1996) is a novel by Tom Clancy following the missions of the US Navy nuclear attack submarine (SSN) USS Cheyenne during a fictional war with China over the Spratly Islands.
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ocial ecurity umber A number issued by the federal government to identify individual wage-earning or benefit-eligible United States citizens.
Subsystem Number
Social Security Numbers
Abbreviation for Substantial Shareholder Notice.
Substantial Sharehold Notice. A form of notification which must be completed by a shareholder once he or she exceeds a certain proportion of the shareholdings in a company.
Substantial Sharehold Notice. A formal disclosure which a shareholder must complete they exceed a certain proportion of a company’s shareholdings.
Standard Shipping Note. A standardised document, completed by the exporter or freight forwarder for all non hazardous consignments, which principally serves to tell the destination port how the goods should be handled.
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Space Surveillance Network
Sustainable Scotland Network. SSN brings together practitioners from Scotland's local authorities to share experience and take action on sustainable development. Visit for more information.
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Switched service network.