Definitions for "EIN"
Employer Identification Number. The tax identification number provided by the Federal Government to each entity that applies. Same as “Federal Tax Identification Number.” Get your EIN.
See federal employer identification number.
(Employer Identification Number) A unique number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to every employer in the United States for the purposes of identification. Similar in purpose to the Social Security Number assigned to individuals.
Erratum In Reference containing a published erratum to the article. Search as haserratumin, e.g. HIV haserratumin AND 2003[DP] J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2003 May 1;33(1):180
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Enterprise Information Network. Many IT specialists refer to the enterprise network, which refers to the LAN. In recent years, the flow of enterprise information now traverses interconnecting corporate networks, wide-area networks, secure data links between offices and associated companies, public networks (such as the Internet), and the telephone network. I thus use the term EIN to refer to all telecommunications networks used by the enterprise to manage and provide access to information.
Responding to the user demand for the development of a Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), EAN International and the Uniform Code Council proposed the creation of an EAN.UCC Information Network. This network will be the foundation for the exchange of master data between partners of the global supply and demand chain. The components linked together through the EAN.UCC Information Network are the GEPIR databases, item data pools compliant with the EAN.UCC standards, and the GS1 Global Registry.
Equivalent Input Noise. The amplitude of internal noise created by a hearing aid
Equivalent Input Noise. A rating of the overall noise performance of an amplifier (typically a microphone preamplifier). Basically, this is a measure of how much noise a mic preamp will add to a microphone's signal. Measurements are normally made with a 150 Ohm resistor on the preamp to simulate the load a mic would present. The theoretical limit on EIN is -130.0 to -131.8 dBm (the thermal noise generated by the resistor). When comparing this spec, keep in mind that larger negative values are better (i.e. -124 is better than -118). But don't place TOO much weight on this spec, most current EIN specs are infinitesimally small (can you REALLY hear the difference between -120 dBm and -122 dBm??)
Equivalent Input Noise. The measurement of the noise in a mixer's pre-amps.
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(Hebrew) - spring, water source.
A spring or waterhole. Ein is commonly the first part of the name of a waterhole, the second half being descriptive of the flora and fauna nearby or of someone's name.
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