Definitions for "DROP SHADOW"
Keywords:  shadow, illusion, offset, behind, tint
A mixer and digital effects keyer function that gives the Foreground Key video the appearance of having a separate shadow (as opposed to an extruded shadow which would have no gaps between object and shadow). This function is often used with titling.
A shadow that is offset from a title or shape to give the feeling of spatial dimension.
A screen tint or rule used to give an object a three-dimensional shadow effect.
A design for titles in which a small, darker, extra copy of the words is superimposed onto the title, slightly askew of it. This gives the words more readability.
The soft diffused shading around a company's symbol that makes it look as if the logo is above the surface of the background.
A light gray fuzzy reproduction of an object that when placed under said object, gives the appearance of being above the page.
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a good example of why we need to have this tonal range
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a special case of a highlight