Definitions for "Dubbing"
Recording a copy of something. For example, playing back a cassette tape while recording its contents to another media, such as a digital audio file.
The technical term for recording a video (or soundtrack alone) from one tape to another.
duplication of music tapes/CDs.
The act of dubbing, as a knight, etc.
The adoubement ceremony, by which squires and young men in arms became knights, originally the colée.
physical ceremonial act of bestowing knighthood, as with a light tap upon the shoulders or other gesture. See accolade, investiture and rite of investiture.
Keywords:  fly, angler, nymphs, flies, pinched
The body substance of an angler's fly.
A primary body ingredient in both dry flies and nymphs, dubbing is a chopped-up fibrous material pinched and twisted onto the thread for wrapping onto the fly. Also refers to the process of applying the dubbing material.
material used to create a body on the fly.
Keywords:  adz, tallow, daubing, weavers, dressing
The act of rubbing, smoothing, or dressing; a dressing off smooth with an adz.
A dressing of flour and water used by weavers; a mixture of oil and tallow for dressing leather; daubing.
Keywords:  lath, slate, stuff, uneven, plaster
a mode of bringing a hollow or uneven surface to a fair one, to receive the usual thickness of plaster work. It is accomplished by fixing pieces of tile, slate, bricks, or lath with gauged coarse stuff, cement, or nails.