Definitions for "WoW"
A low pitch change that happens because the recorder or playback machine fluctuating in speed slowly.
A slow frequency change in an audio signal when playing back a pre-recorded signal. This is causes by a mis-adjusted or physically limited mechanical component in the medium transport system. A comment made when something impresses you. see also flutter
Low pitch changes in a recorded program due to slow and gradual changes in the speed of the record or playback device.
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Window On the Web
windows Windows On Windows - Windows NT box for 16-bit tasks - slows execution by 5% to 30% compared to Windows 3.x
Window on the World (Virtual Reality)
An exclamation of excitement. "Wow! Did you see what Jimi did with his guitar?"
noun, an exclamation of admiration, amazament. Verb, to produce a sound like wow
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Welkom Onthaal Waakt
While. Yinz stay put wow I git sumpin from necksdoor. (Submitted by Sally Fairbaugh, Phoenix, AZ)
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Wow was a Québécois movie in 1970 directed by Claude Jutra and starring Danielle Bail. It was produced by the National Film Board of Canada in 1969.
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Wonderful Openhearted Wagon
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"Wow" was the second single to be released from Kate Bush's second album Lionheart.
Week Of Welcome. An orientation for incoming students to acclimate them to the campus and outlying community.
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World of Warcraft
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a joke that seems extremely funny
The verbal response typically generated by customers of HTSA upon seeing their new home theaters.
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Wow is an expression of surprise.
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Grave Composer module
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shorthand for white-on-white fabric.
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Make a SPARE (or TEN) out of a SPLIT LEAVE.