Definitions for "Terminal window"
Keywords:  xterm, hpterm, emulates, gui, dtterm
A window that emulates a particular terminal type for running non-window programs. Terminal windows are normally used for interacting with the HP-UX operating system by typing commands. The two most common terminal windows in HP VUE are hpterm and xterm.
A terminal window is a window that emulates a complete display terminal. Terminal windows are typically used to "fool" non-client programs into believing they are running in their favorite terminal -- not a difficult task in most cases. When not running programs or executing operating system commands, terminal windows display the command-line prompt. Several terminal emulators are supplied with X11- hpterm, which emulates HP terminals, xterm, which emulates DEC and Tektronix terminals, and dtterm, which emulates a DEC VT2200 terminal and has EUC 4-byte capability.
an all-text window that can be opened during a GUI session and which emulates console mode (i
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