Definitions for "DUST COVER"
Keywords:  kraft, dge, cambrick, atg, drawstring
Same as the Receiver Cover.
A protective paper sheet (usually kraft paper) attached to the back of the frame to protect the contents from dirt. The dust cover often is attached with ATG tape laid along the frame edges; a variety of glues also may be used to attach the dust cover.
a paper jacket for a book; a jacket on which promotional information is printed
See dust jacket.
The outer paper wrap on a hardcover book. Also called a dust jacket.
A cover over the ejection port of a firearm to reduce the possibility of the entrance of foreign matter into the action.
n. a device designed to prevent foreign matter from entering a mechanism through the keyway
A woven or non-woven fabric attached to the underside of a foundation to prevent the collection of dust inside. May also be known as "sheeting" or "cambric". to the top