Definitions for "E-Newsletter"
a bi-weekly publication which communicates important and timely information in a variety of areas of the magazine publishing industry
a free electronic document, edited by the LUDA research team from the Leibniz Institute of Ecological and Regional Development in Dresden (Germany)
a free electronic newsletter, edfited by the LUDA research team of the Institure of Ecological and Regional Development in Dresden (Germany)
a quarterly publication produced by the PAMOJA Secretariat with an aim of enhancing effective information sharing among Reflect practitioners and well-wishers in the Africa Region and beyond
a great way to develop customer loyalty, create repeat sales, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and increase traffic on your website
a great way to share your knowledge and position yourself and your company as an expert
an incredibly powerful and effective marketing tool
an inexpensive and efficient tool for ministry groups to share information directly with people involved in the ministry
a relationship building tool
an economical way to distribute information to a wide range of readers
a powerful way for businesses to keep in contact with their customers and prospects
an important part in building and maintaining relationships