Definitions for "Easel"
A frame (commonly) of wood serving to hold a canvas upright, or nearly upright, for the painter's convenience or for exhibition.
A support for an artist's canvas or panel. Usually made of wood or metal, they range in size from large studio structures complete with electric motors to small, lightweight supports for plein air work.
A stand or resting place for working on or displaying a painting. A simple easel can be a tripod with a cross bar for the painting to sit on.
A holder to keep sensitized material, normally paper flat and in position on the baseboard of an enlarger during projection printing. It usually has adjustable borders to frame the image to various size.
Normally an adjustable metal frame that holds printing paper flat for exposure under the enlarger, and allows adjustments of the width of the picture borders.
A device to hold photographic paper flat during exposure, usually equipped with an adjustable metal mask for framing.
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See ESL2
A cylindrically shaped piece of wood which allows you to measure the exact center for folding a gouged piece of cane.
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a fun art supply that offers hours of entertainment