Definitions for "EDOM"
Keywords:  esau, jacob, descended, son, idouma
The arrival of the "dominion of Edom" in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell suggests that hairy, primitive Esau ("Edom") will reclaim his birthright as the elder son, of which he was defrauded by his smoother twin Jacob ("Israel"); see Genesis 27.
Descendents of Esav - Overall title of Christian world
Ancient kingdom in southwest Asia, south of the Dead Sea, the citizens of which were descendants of Esau, son of Isaac and brother of Jacob.
Acronym for "Electronic Dissolution of Memory".
Electronic Dissolution of Memory. A Ufology term for "missing time" phenomena. A common feature of reports submitted by "abductees" is an inability to recall events of a given time period. EDOM experience may potentially produce up to twelve hours of missing memories.
EDOM is a freely-available binding of the World-Wide-Web Consortium's Document Object Model, for the Eiffel programming language. It also supports parsing serializing, and validating , and XSLT processing.