Definitions for "ENCAPSULATED"
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A style of dry type transformer utilizing a solid resin to encase and seal the core and coil assembly.
surrounded with defensive cells of the ghost, which renders the parasite (usually the egg or the larva) harmless
A pesticide formulation in which the active ingredient is encased in extremely small capsules made of inert synthetic polymers. The pesticide is released gradually over a period of time.
A way of wrapping protocols such as TCP/ IP, AppleTalk, and NetBEUI in Ethernet frames so they can traverse an Ethernet network and be unwrapped when they reach the destination computer.
An Ethernet address mode that treats the entire Ethernet packet as a whole and places it inside an 802.11 frame along with a new header.
A thick core of pure aluminum (on the base and, in some cases, partially up the sides) is encapsulated, or sandwiched, between two other layers of metal. The pure aluminum core provides excellent heat conductivity, while the interior/exterior metals provide such properties as durability, stick resistance or an attractive color. Encapsulated cookware also may be referred to as clad, because the aluminum core is clad with layers of one or more different metals.
Imbedded in solid material or enclosed in glass or metal.
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Neural Tumour
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Process in which a material is coated or covered with a plastic film or sheath.
A rigid, transparent, protective casing in which a coin is placed to protect it from corrosion and damage. For special collector issues, this case is usually made of two halves of an inert moulded plastic material to the exact dimensions of the coin to be protected. The two halves are either screwed or pressed together to 'encapsulate' the coin.
A coin that is placed in a sealed plastic holder by any of the independent, third-party grading services.
a property of virtualization which refers to the way that the virtual machines storage is contained in a single file on a storage system, greatly simplifying provisioning, replication, and backup.
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