Definitions for "Epispadias"
A deformity in which the urethra opens upon the top of the penis, instead of at its extremity.
another part of the bladder exstrophy/epispadias complex. Epispadias by itself occurs in one in 112,000 live male births. Epispadias can also occur in females, occurring one in 400,000 live births.In male epispadias the urethra is open from the tip of the penis, back to under the pubic bone. In those patients which are known as complete epispadias, or penopubic epispadias, the penis is totally incontinent, just as in the exstrophy population. However, the epispadias defect sometimes is not as severe and the urethra can exit out on the shaft of the penis. In these patients there is no urinary incontinence. In the typical female epispadias patient, the clitoris is divided into two halves, just as in female exstrophy.
a congenital abnormality in males in which the urethra is on the upper surface of the penis