Definitions for "Prolapse"
The falling down of a part through the orifice with which it is naturally connected, especially of the uterus or the rectum.
To fall down or out; to protrude.
Protrusion, to the outside of an abdominal organ e.g. rectal prolapse is a protrusion of rectal tissue through the anus to the exterior of the body.
Rupture of the nucleus pulposus through the annulus fibrosus, but not through the posterior or anterior longitudinal ligament. It can also refer to a herniation of the nucleus pulposus through an inner annular tear, yet confined by the outer annular fibers, or to herniation of disc material through the posterior longitudinal ligament into the epidural space, as a continuum of the originating disc (extruded disc). The meaning is so idistinctive, covering such a wide range of definitions, that radiological reports using the term must be clarified.
Focal contour deformity in the posterior disc margin. It is a nonspecific term.
Condition in which vein valves are unable to close properly, allowing blood to flow in the wrong direction.
Floppy valve, associated with regurgitation.
A condition in which there is a billowing or "outpouching" of the valve leaflet. In its severe form the valve will allow blood to flow backward when the valve is closed (insufficiency). Information and Support : Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome Research and Support
Prolapse were a musical group formed in Leicester, England active from c.1992 to c.2000. The group's sound was a mixture of punk rock, krautrock and shoegazing styles.
a penis that is dangling partway out of its sheath, sometimes it will appear bruised from knocking against the cage floor, usually it is red, swollen, and perhaps calloused
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sinking or downward movement of an organ or structure from its natural location.
a situation where the connective tissue supporting the organs lose their tension or the walls of certain organs lose their tension and the structure collapses down with the weight of gravity
sinking of an organ or other part.
An eversion of the terminal end of the reproductive tract with exposure of soft tissues
A prolapse womb is one which has sunk into the vagina because the supporting structures have weakened.