Definitions for "Espalier"
Keywords:  trellis, pruned, shrub, fence, fruit
A railing or trellis upon which fruit trees or shrubs are trained, as upon a wall; a tree or row of trees so trained.
A tree or a row of trees, trained in a formal two dimensional shape often along a fence or trellis.
Both fruiting and ornamental trees and shrubs can be trained as an espalier, but the process must be begun when the plant is still young. Plants are trained to grow on a single plane, rather than branching on all sides of the main stem or trunk. It is often seen along walls and fences.
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Related:  Spaulder.
See Spaulder.
Thirteenth-century and later shoulder armor, usually laminated
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Essential oil Even-pinnate
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To form an espalier of, or to protect by an espalier.