Definitions for "Exaggeration"
The act of exaggerating; the act of doing or representing in an excessive manner; a going beyond the bounds of truth reason, or justice; a hyperbolical representation; hyperbole; overstatement.
A representation of things beyond natural life, in expression, beauty, power, vigor.
a truth that has lost its temper
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extravagant exaggeration
Overstating the point. eg. "It was the most stupendous muffin I ever ate. I was in heaven!"
The act of heaping or piling up.
the act of making something more noticeable than usual; "the dance involved a deliberate exaggeration of his awkwardness"
a form of emotional manipulation or blackmail, which avoids true feeling
An image-development strategy used to emphasize a portion or aspect of an image.
Enlargements or distortions of elements in a work of art.
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making to seem more important than it really is