Definitions for "Exfoliation"
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The scaling off of a bone, a rock, or a mineral, etc.; the state of being exfoliated.
detachment and shedding of the outer layers of skin or mucous membrane.
the removal of dead skin cells to reveal softer skin underneath.
A physical weathering process in which concentric layers of rock are removed from an outcrop.
A weathering process by which concentric shells, slabs, sheets, or flakes are successively broken loose and stripped away from a rock mass.
physical weathering process in which sheets of rock are fractured and detached from an outcrop.
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The physiologic loss of the deciduous teeth
Loosing the baby teeth, so the secondary teeth have a place to go
Exfoliation (from the term "foliate", meaning “related to leaves”) means the removal or loss of leaves from a plant. It is used both to describe the loss of a leaves as a natural part of a plant’s life cycle (such as in the case of deciduous trees which loose their leaves in the autumn) or because of some trauma or outside cause (such as dehydration, an infestation of caterpillars or hurricane-force winds).
An Inherent Fault In Silk Only Apparent After Degumming Or Dyeing. It Is Characterized By Fine Fibrils Or Fibrillae That Become Separated From The Filament, So Giving A Speckled, Dishevelled Appearance.
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Nephropathy Varicella
Corrosion that progresses laterally and parallel to the surface
Corrosion that proceeds laterally from the sites of initiation along planes parallel to the surface, generally at grain boundaries, forming corrosion products that force metal away from the body of the material. giving rise to a layered appearance.
A type of corrsion that progresses approximately parallel to the outer surface of the metal, causing layers of the metal to be elevated by the formation of corrosion product.
a process wherein packets of nanoclay platelets separate from one another in a plastic matrix. During exfoliation platelets at the outermost region of each packet cleave off, exposing more platelets for separation. Nanoclay compatibilization is essential for exfoliation.
the process of exfoliating
The artificial process of removing epidermal corneocytes to increase the cellular renewal process.
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