Definitions for "Eye of Horus"
Keywords:  horus, egyptian, wadjet, khul, uatchet
Eye of Horus: 1. a six-pointed star that is ideally anchored into the four-body system which deals with the union and integration of the upper and lower spiritual triad. The lower spiritual triad is the threefold personality of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, and the upper spiritual triad has been referred to by Djwhal Khul as intuition, spiritual will, and higher mind. The Eye of Horus exists on a planetary, solar, galactic, universal, and cosmic level, and when the two spiritual triads are brought together in the ascended state and the Eye of Horus is anchored and activated, there is an opening in the very center of the star and in the third eye. 2. In Egyptian tradition, a symbol of protection or power from Horus or Ra.
An ancient Egyptian symbol which depicts the divine eye of the God Horus, representing both the solar and lunar energies.
Egyptian: A stylized symbol of a right or left eye that is a powerful amulet. It is also called Uatchet or Wadjet.