Definitions for "Fact sheet"
A standard page in a company's press kit, the fact sheet gives a brief description of the company's business and area of expertise, the company's address(es), phone numbers, principals, date of establishment, etc. A well-prepared fact sheet saves the journalist hours of time – and increases the company's chance of press coverage.
A document that must be prepared for all draft individual permits for NPDES major dischargers, NPDES general permits, NPDES permits that contain variances, NPDES permits that contain sewage sludge land application plans and several other classes of permittees. The document summarizes the principal facts and the significant factual, legal, methodological and policy questions considered in preparing the draft permit and tells how the public may comment (40 CFR 124.8 and 124.56). Where a fact sheet is not required, a statement of basis must be prepared (40 CFR 124.7).
a brief statement outlining a company, product, or service
a single page overview, a basic demographic profile for a specific geographic area
A pre-defined presentation of the most frequently requested data in American FactFinder from the decennial census and most recent American Community Survey data relative to a particular geographic area. The decennial data are extracted from the four demographic profiles.
a quick and inexpensive communication tool that highlights membership benefits and goals and your accomplishments
a quick reference to the factors people with HIV and their doctors need to consider when choosing an antiretroviral treatment regimen
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an at-a-glance summary of your program or organization
a short document--usually one printed page--that presents a summary of information related to a given topic
a written summary of important information about a hazardous waste site and its remedial program
an introduction to the various kinds of standing aids available to enable people with mobility disabilities to take advantage of all of the benefits of the ability to stand
an introduction to the vast amount of information available on children's wheelchairs and wheelchair alternatives
a synthesis of textual and statistical data presented in a single web page for an object
A list of facts or statistics about a particular topic that allows media quickly to grasp a particular issue or situation.
a concise, lay version of the evaluation written in a question and answer format
a document that can contain text, graphs or charts to provide historical information about a particular initiative, piece of legislation or on-going program administered by the ministry
a piece of paper that gives information about your home, the neighborhood your home is located in, the schools around your home (if they are good schools) and other information about the area near your home
a snapshot of an organization, an arts event, or a service
An easy reference, factual guide which lists key attributes of an organisation, event, service, product or issue.
an essential tool used in public relations to provide an overall view of your business
a versatile tool that can be used for many purposes
a device I created to help my scholars take better notes when reading short stories