Definitions for "Fascicle"
A small bundle or collection; a compact cluster; as, a fascicle of fibers; a fascicle of flowers or roots.
A dense cluster.
A small cluster or bundle (one of the common leaf arrangements).
One of the divisions of a book published in parts; fasciculus.
One of the temporary divisions of a bibliographic item that, for convenience in printing or publication, is issued in small installments, usually incomplete in themselves; they do not necessarily coincide with any formal division of the item into parts, etc. Usually the fascicle is protected by the temporary paper wrappers and may not be numbered. A fascicle is distinguished from a part by being a temporary division of an item rather than a formal component unit. (AACR2, mod.)
Series or groups of rows of areolae, oriented radially in centric diatoms.
a grouping of axons surrounded by a connective tissue called endoneurium and packed in yet another connective tissue, the perineurium
Another term for booklet or, in the case of incunabula or printed books, gathering.
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an installment of a printed work