Definitions for "FishEye "
A diamond whose pavillion is too shallow and as a result a circular reflection of the girdle is seen through the table.
Small round surface imperfections in a polish film caused by localized differences in surface tension, induced convection, or by the wet film receding from incompatible entities in the product or on the substrate. Oil, silicone, or other hydrophobic materials are the usually causes of fisheyes.
A paint defect resulting in a pattern of small surface depressions or craters in the wet film, often caused by surface contamination such as oil or silicone materials.
FishEye delivers a unified view of a source code repository that provides easy navigation, powerful search, historical reporting, configurable file annotation and diff views, changeset analysis, RSS feeds, and integration with an issue tracker.
Extreme wide-angle lens with an angle of view exceeding 100 degrees and sometimes in excess of 180 degrees Depth of field is practically infinite. It produces highly distorted images.(Note: lines are not drawn square!) (see Angle of view, Depth of field & Distortion)
An extremely wide-angle lens used to create photographs with a distorted 'rounded' effect.
a small elliptical opening, steel framed which is arrangedin the codend to allow some fish to escape
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Covert surveillance camera
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A pulled thread course-wise in weft knitting or wale-wise in warp knitting. In weft knitting a small snag is known as a 'fisheye'
Small globular mass which has not blended completely into the surrounding material and is particularly evident in a transparent or translucent material.