Definitions for "Angle of view"
Keywords:  telephoto, focal, diagonal, lens, wider
Also known as viewing angle, this refers to the angular range available within a certain image size. The smaller the focal length, the wider the angle of view is.
In photography, the measure of the angle of a lens' view. As you adjust a camera's focal length, the angle of view narrows and expands, causing objects to get larger or smaller in the frame. In Maya, the angle of view is simulated by zooming the camera. See zoom.
The amount or area seen by a lens or viewfinder, measured in degrees. Shorter or wide-angle lenses, and zoom settings, have a greater angle of view. Longer or telephoto lenses, and zoom settings, have a narrower angle of view.
Aliasing causes jagged edges in images displayed on a computer screen in low resolution. Anti-aliasing software smoothes the stair-step effect by anticipating and displaying the interim pixels. In analog CCD systems, anti-aliasing is accomplished by the removal of unwanted high frequency components through the means of a high-frequency-cut optical filter placed before the imager.
Angle between the axis of observation and perpendicular to the specimen surface.
This term primarily refers to the horizontal axis of a particular image.