Definitions for "Depth-of-Field"
The distance range at which the subject acceptably sharp is defined as DOF. Depth-of-Field can be changed by changing the size of the aperture. A larger aperture (smaller f-number) causes narrow DOF range. A smaller aperture (larger f-number) creates a wide DOF range. Comments & Discussion
The depth-of-field (DOF) is defined as the distance through which satisfactory definition can be maintained when a lens is in focus at a particular distance. In other words, this value lets the user know the range over which there will be a significant difference in line thickness. There is a general agreement that "satisfactory definition" is maintained as long as the image size remains smaller than 1.4 times its smallest size. This distance is also called the Rayleigh range. The DOF is therefore equal to twice the Rayleigh range of the focusing system. Sideview of laser beam. Beyond the Depth-of-Field, a laser pattern will appear out-of-focus.
The zone where all elements in a picture are in focus.
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