Definitions for "DOF"
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epth- ield - A term used to describe the thickness of the focal plane.
Depth of Field. The range of distance in a scene that appears to be in focus and will be reproduced as being acceptably sharp in an image. Depth of field is controlled by the lens aperture, and extends for a distance in front of and behind the point on which the lens is focused.
Depth of Field. The range in front of the lens with acceptable focus.
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Degrees-of-Freedom. Term used in relation to tracking and haptic force-feedback systems. See 3 DOF and 6 DOF definitions above.
Degrees of freedom. There are six degrees of motion in three dimensional space: up-down, left-right, front-back (x, y, z in Cartesian space) and yaw, pitch, roll (three degrees of orientation standard computer mouse has 2DOF along the x and y axis. A flying mouse, able to move in all dimensions of has 3-D space, is said to have 6DOF. Field of View (FOV). The whole of what we are able to see with our two eyes. FOV is measured as an angle in degrees. The normal computer display at an average viewing distance of 30 inches subtends an angle of about 5 degrees. Large screen displays cover an angle of 20 to 30 degrees. Most HMDís offer from 40 to 100 degrees FOV.
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Designated Operating Funds - funds over which the University has unlimited discretion though the University, as a matter of internal policy, may have restricted their use. Composed of: indirect costs(or overhead) charged to self-sustaining budgets and grants, interest income, summer quarter revenue, hospital revenue, administrative overhead, and miscellaneous fees.
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