Definitions for "flc "
Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
ferroelectric chiral smectic
A tiling has finite local complexity (flc) if it contains only finitely many types of patch es with diameter less than some given R0. 'Types of patches' is to be read either as congruence classes of patches, or as translation classes of patches. For instance, the pinwheel tiling is not flc w.r.t. translation classes, but it is flc w.r.t. congruence classes. In our classification, this qualifies the pinwheel tiling to be stored under infinite rotations, and there under finite local complexity.
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flc creates BBS-style file lists with FILE_ID.DIZ found in archives and files.
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ANIMATION Autodesk Animator see FLI link
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Field Leadership Council
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Flexible Learning Centre
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Front Line Command
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Full load current.
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Function Level Code
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FLC may refer to