Definitions for "flywheel"
A heavy wheel or disk which stores kinetic energy by rotating on a shaft, and by its momentum smoothes the operation of a reciprocating engine by reducing fluctuations of speed. It is used in certain types of machinery, such as automobiles.
It is the large, heavy iron or steel disc attached to the rear of an engine crankshaft. Its function is to provide sufficient centrifugal force and smoothen its power flow.
A heavy , toothed wheel mounted to the rear of the crankshaft that smooths out the separate power surges imparted to the crankshaft as each cylinder fires by resisting the tendency of the engine to speed up at the start of the power stroke and to slow down toward the end. It also serves as part of the clutch by transmitting power to the gearbox in a car with manual transmission, acts as a vibration damper and balance member for the crankshaft, and engages the teeth of the starter motor when the engine is cranked.
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A strike that makes a vertical circle on the side of the body. In San Miguel Eskrima this typically involves a cut that travels from the opponent's left shoulder and exits at the right hip - but is initiated at the backhand side. Use also to cover the center-line and attack the hands (especially the daga hand). Called " Patuyok" in Cebu. See the "San Miguel Form" link below for an example of a flywheel.
Flywheel is an American drama film released in 2003. It was directed by Alex Kendrick who also stars as car salesman Jay Austin. The film unapologetically carries an evangelical Christian message.
an instant catastrophe waiting for a single point failure
is the ability to generate a clock even without any input signal transitions. See Retention.
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a solid disk which spins on a central bearing