Definitions for "Power take-off"
Keywords:  pto, tractor, splined, auxiliary, winch
power take-off or PTO was been developed to provide implement manufacturers and tractor manufacturers with a common method of powering implements. It consistes of a splined shaft on the tractor which matches a shaft and coupler connected to a powered implement. The PTO shaft on the tractor is driven by the engine through the transmission. Live or continuous PTO was developed so that an implement could be powered while the tractor's transmission was declutched from the engine, or while the tractor was stopped. Massey-Harris' first implementation of live PTO involved a clutch on the differential which detatched power to one of the drive wheels when the operator wanted to stop the tractor but keep the PTO running. Later developments involved using a separate clutch for both transmission and PTO.
A device with an external coupling on engine or transmission system used to transmit engine power to auxiliary equipment such as pumps, winches, etc.
A device that helps take power off the engine is called a ?power take-off.? With a proper PTO, power is taken from the front end of the engine?s crankshaft, from the flywheel at the rear of the engine, or from the manual and automatic transmissions (or auxiliary transmission or transfer case).