Definitions for "POWERTRAIN"
Keywords:  clutch, torque, axle, driveline, drive
A name applied to the group of components used to transmit engine power to the driving wheels. It can consist of engine, clutch, transmission, universal joints, drive shaft, differential gear, and axle shafts. Powertrain components are matched according to driver needs such as high torque, fuel economy, or convenience.
It is just a combination of the engine and transmission.
Includes the engine and the transmission.
The elements of a propulsion system that convert electrical energy from a battery to mechanical energy at the wheels of a vehicle. It includes all drivetrain components plus an electrical power inverter and/or controller, but not the battery system.
See Drivetrain.
the mechanical components of a system that transmits power from its source to perform work
Main power carrying portion of an electrical system.