Definitions for "Forelock"
Keywords:  mane, forehead, poll, horse, ears
The lock of hair that grows from the forepart of the head.
The hair growing between a horse's ears that fall on the forehead; a horse's "bangs."
long hair falling between the horse's ears onto its forehead
Keywords:  linchpin, cotter, bolt, shackles, pin
A cotter or split pin, as in a slot in a bolt, to prevent retraction; a linchpin; a pin fastening the cap-square of a gun.
a wedge put through a hole in a bolt to keep the bolt in place
A wood or metal pin securing a shackle pin or bolt in place. Wood forelocks are usually coated with white lead before being driven home, while steel ones are tinned or galvanized. Fore locks are principally used in connecting shackles for chain cable.