Definitions for "Formic acid"
(Methanoic acid) Stinging agent of red ants and nettles; used in food preservation.
CH2O2, A weak acid that photolytically reacts in the atmosphere forming COOH radical and H radical. This compound often reacts with the hydroxyl radical and atomic oxygen to form formic acid and a hydroperoxy radical. This is a sink for the hydroxyl radical and it also helps drive other reactions with the addition of hydroperoxy radicals to the atmosphere. [ Graedel and Crutzen, Atmospheric Change An Earth System Perspective. 1993. Pgs. 121,158
a colorless pungent fuming vesicatory liquid acid HCOOH found naturally in ants and many plants or made catalytically from carbon monoxide and steam; used in finishing textiles and paper and in the manufacture of insecticides and fumigants