Definitions for "FRA"
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Brother; -- a title of a monk or friar; as, Fra Angelo.
Brother; title given to an Italian friar or monk.
A title of address for a friar or monk, a shortened form of frate, brother. [ 17
Forward Rate Agreement. A forward contract that specifies an interest rate to...
Forward rate agreement. Agreement to borrow or lend an amount of cash some time in the future at an interest rate that is fixed today.
Forward Rate Agrement
Full Realization Atheist. One who has had the epiphinal realization that we live in a universe devoid of the ancient gods. The full, clear realization that they just simply do not exist. And all that that implies. Fundamentalist - from the Latin ' fundamentum', which means anus! I am not making this up
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Free Ram Air mod - instead of FTRA or CAI
The age at which a person may first become entitled to unreduced retirement benefits. Beginning with year 2000 for workers and spouses born 1938 or later and widows/widowers born 1940 or later, the retirement age increases gradually from age 65 until it reaches age 67 in the year 2022. This increase affects the amount of the reduction for persons who begin receiving reduced benefits.
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FR Aviation
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Food Regulatory Atlas
A division of the U.S. Department of Transportation responsible for administering all federal programs related to rail transportation.
Federal Railroad Administration
Federal Railway Association
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The requirement to carry insurance on all vehicles. If a person is caught driving a vehicle without insurance, he/she can be charged under this act.
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funded debt grace period
Fraud Risk Assessment
Forest Resources Assessment
Specifies source floating-point register for operation.
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Financial Reporting Act 1993.