Definitions for "CAI"
a plucking or uprooting force
Pro. Tsai, one of the thirteen kinetic characteristics of Taijiquan. Generally translated as plucking, or pulling down.
Community Associations Institute.
Certified Auctioneers Institute (University of Indiana).
Initials found after some auctioneers’ names that mean “Certified Auctioneers Institute.” Designation auctioneers can earn by meeting certain educational and experience requirements, as defined by the Auction Marketing Institute.
An EMBOSS application. cai calculates the Codon Adaptation Index. This is a simple, effective measure of synonymous codon usage bias. The index uses a reference set of highly expressed genes from a species to assess the relative merits of each codon, and a score for a gene is calculated from the frequency of use of all codons in that gene. The index assesses the extent to which selection has been effective in moulding the pattern of codon usage. In that respect it is useful for predicting the level of expression of a gene, for assessing the adaptation of viral genes to their hosts, and for making comparisons of codon usage in different organisms. The index may also give an approximate indication of the likely success of heterologous gene expression.
Codon Adaptation Index. Codon adaptation index is a measurement of the relative adaptiveness of the codon usage of a gene towards the codon usage of highly expressed genes. The relative adaptiveness (w) of each codon is the ratio of the usage of each codon, to that of the most abundant codon for the same amino acid. The CAI index is defined as the geometric mean of these relative adaptiveness values. Non-synonymous codons and termination codons (dependent on genetic code) are excluded.
Codon Adaptation Index. The CAI is used to estimate the expression level of a protein. To calculate the CAI value of a yeast protein, a reference set of highly expressed yeast genes is used. For each codon in this set of reference genes the frequency of usage is calculated. A CAI score for a gene is calculated from the frequency of use of all codons in that gene. [P.M. Sharp and W.H. Li Nucleic Acids Res. 15, 1281-1295 (1987)
Computer Assisted Interview.
Education that uses computers to present tutorials and subsequently to test and monitor the user's learning.
A generic term for all computer-based interviewing such as CAWI, CATI and CAPI.
CAI de La Chorrera is a Panamanian football team playing at ANAPROF Primera A. It was founded in 1982 and is based in La Chorrera, Panama.
Common Air Interface -- an APCO Project 25 requirement.
Cold Air Intake/Induction
See common air interface
Constatazione Amichevole di Incidente
Calcium-aluminum inclusion, found in meteorites.
Calcium-aluminum inclusions found in meteroites.
The CATIA - Alias Interoperability file format. CATIA is a widespread CAD program used by most of the world's automotive companies. It is developed by Dassault Systemes of France and marketed in North America by IBM. The CAI file format is a specialized STEP format designed to enable enhanced data communication between Studio and CATIA.
Center of Administrative Inteligence
Citigroup Alternative Investments
Current Annual Increment (m3/ha). The actual increase (increment) in wood volume over the current year. Forestry Victoria
Compression After Impact: A test applied to assess damage tolerance of composites.
Compression strength after impact.
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A force exerted by quick grab and pull.
Calibration Imaging, a calibration program designation