Definitions for "Free Ride"
A 1986 comedy by Moustapha Akkad. Cast includes Kirby Heyborne, Mamie Van Doren, Peter De Luise, Frank Campanella, and Sasha Jenson. Seen on USA Up All Night.
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To remain in a hand without having to call a bet. A player may get a 'free ride' if he / she has a bad hand, but it costs them nothing to stay in a game
To stay in a hand without being forced to bet.
During any betting round, no active player bets, which gives all players a free card either on the board or in their hand.
Playing without having to pay.
the enjoyment of the benefits of a good by a producer or consumer without having to pay for them
Playing without paying.
A second promotion piece added to an already planned and scheduled mailing - without resulting in additional postal charges.