Definitions for "Free will"
The power asserted of moral beings of willing or choosing without the restraints of physical or absolute necessity.
neutral rational choice and will that judges between a conflicting negative spiritual and a positive sensual will, like when the conscience says "No", when the senses say "Yes", and reason says "Maybe" before judging to support one side.
the ability that everyone has to make choices about their life - the Universal Law says: "Don't break anyone's free will, and don't let anyone break yours."
A will free from improper coercion or restraint.
The ability of the will, all conditions for action being present, to decide whether to act or not act and whether to act in this manner or in that manner.
Ascribing some autonomy to an agent such that the agent's actions can be described as self-generated or caused rather than determined externally.
an expression absolutely void of sense, and what the scholastics have called will of indifference, that is to say willing without cause, is a chimera unworthy of being combated
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a real illusion
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a will that is able to do what it wants