Definitions for "Freedom of Choice"
a provision in a dental benefit program that permits the insured to choose any licensed dentist to provide his or her dental care and receive full benefits under the program.
In general, laws that permit enrollees to choose any provider and receive substantial reimbursement from their health plan. Also refers to a Federal Medicaid rule requiring states to ensure that Medicaid beneficiaries are free to obtain services from any qualified provider. Exceptions are possible through waivers of Medicaid and special contract options. Also see any willing provider and point of service.
(see also Section 1915(b) Medicaid Waiver): A Medicaid term describing the requirement that a State must ensure that beneficiaries are generally free to obtain services from any qualified provider; based on section 1902(a)(23) of the Social Security Act.
See Freedom of choice or decision
Freedom of Choice is the third album by New Wave musicians Devo, released in 1980 (see 1980 in music). It saw the band moving in more of an overt synthpop direction, even though guitars still played a prominent role. The album is considered to be quintessentially Eighties.
With respect to the Internet, a common term used to justify the marketing principals used in development of the Internet which rely on additional physical environment marketing rules currently unobtainable in the e-commerce environment, such as Product, Promotion, Price, and Placement.
In Richmond, students requested which school they would like to attend, which would then be approved by the Virginia Pupil Placement Board.