Definitions for "gaia"
Open 3D earth viewer with GPS support
Goddess of the earth; same as Gaea.
Earth, Earth Mother, Mother Earth. Gaia is not just a planet of rock, water and air. She is a sentient Being with both a physical form that is our planet and spiritual, etheric forms that exist in layers of consciousness back to her connection to Universal Source.
Gaia is a 2003 album by Spanish folk metal band Mägo de Oz. It is the first rock opera of a trilogy. The album tells of a man, the rencarnation of Azzak(or Gaia), who after his execution, is relieved of his soul: the soul of Azzak.
'Gaia' is the eighth track of Synchestra by The Devin Townsend Band.
Gaia (also known as Gaia: One Woman's Journey) is an album released by Olivia Newton-John in 1994. For the first time in her career; the album was entirely written by Newton-John herself. In addition to songwriting duties; Newton-John also co-produced the album.
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Gaia is a java based volume rendering library that uses OpenGL. This project focuses on the rendering of images using ray-casting and Jini's JavaSpaces for parallel processing abilites.
a private non-profit professional association that represents all those companies working in the Electronics and Information Technologies sector which are located in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country
a club for students interested in women's issues and gender equality